How to Scrape Social Media Data?

 Social media data is relevant for businesses, social studies and research. Here you can learn how to scrape social media data?

Social media platforms are important sources of business data. They offer data generated by humans/users available on social media. Social media data is relevant for businesses, social studies and research. It is used by businesses for research and marketing purposes. 

Social media scraping tools help companies in extracting data from different media platforms. Scraping data from social media is not an easy task. Especially if you want a large amount of data, manual data extraction will be difficult. It would be very time-consuming. 

To make your work easier and more efficient. You should use web scrapers that have support for scraping social media platforms. In this article, we will recommend some of the top social media scraping software

What is Social Media Scraping?

Social media scraping is a process of extracting data from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked etc. 

Social media are interactive digital platforms where information, ideas, and interests are exchanged virtually. The scraped data lets businesses gain insights into consumer sentiments and brands. Social media automated scraping tools extract data and compile it into a format.

If you want to get data from Facebook for example. You need a proxy and social media scraper. You specify the required data parameters. Then the automated tool sends requests for web pages. Then the scraper scans the pages to extract the required data. With this data, you can get the required insights.   

How to Scrape Social Media Data

Why Scrape Social Media Platforms?

Here are some of the advantages of the data scraped from social media platforms. 

1. Sentiment Analysis 

Want to know what people have to say about certain brands or topics? You can set a scraping tool condition to get posts that mention your brand. Or scrape Hashtags or discussion threads regarding a topic. You can set locations and demographic constraints also. 

You can then use this data to analyze what different market segments say about your business.  Benefit your business by tailoring offers after understanding your customer sentiments. Like if you are a politician, you can scrape tweets about yourself. Run a sentimental analysis to see if are they happy with your political campaign. Would they vote for you or not? 

2. Market Trends

With scraped data, you can identify the fluctuations in the market. You can see what’s trending and what people are liking the most. You can easily track the influencers, offers and changes in buy and sell plans. 

With this information, you can redesign your business strategy to be a part of the market. 

3. Lead Generation

Business contact details are publicly available on business social media pages. Using free web scraping tools, you can get publicly available contact data. Like email addresses or mobile numbers for marketing to generate leads. The data scraper can be used separately or can be integrated with email scraping tools. 

LinkedIn and Facebook are some of the major targets for finding business prospects. You can get the employee’s or company’s official contact details and create leads. 

4. Audience Engagement

If your brand is new, it’s very difficult to get audience engagement. Scraping social media data will let you assess what type of content people like. What topics are they interested in and like to talk about? 

You can create and post content your audience likes to see boosting your page engagement.  

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How to Scrape Social Media Data?

There are many open-source social media scrapers available in the market. You can scrape social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Here we will discuss the top 5 web scraping tools, for you to choose from.  

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  1. Octoparse

Octoparse is one of the best web scraping tools. It is developed for non-programmers. It is a coding-free visual scraping tool. It has an easy-to-use interface and gets your work done with a few clicks. Octoparse has an auto-detection algorithm. It automatically chooses the data and exports it into HTML, Excel or JSON format. 

The best part is this tool is available for free for two weeks. It also has a paid standard and professional plan with additional features. These paid plans can also extract data from clouds. You can download and install it on your desktop. It has templates available for scraping social media platforms also.  

  1. is a Google Chrome extension. It can be used for scraping social media content like posts, comments etc. It has a simple interface. It is a non-coding tool that lets you scrape data with clicks. Like other visual scraping tools, it lets you scrape heavy JavaScript-heavy pages.

It has a modular selector system. It lets you tailor scrapers according to different website structures.  

  1. ParseHub

ParseHub is another modern web scraping tool. You do not need any coding skills to scrape data. It has a point-and-click interface. It also scrapes data from Javascript and AJAX media pages. It is a freely available cloud-based solution which can be downloaded and installed.

This tool also has paid versions and is much more expensive as compared to others. It has advanced features supporting IP rotation and proxies. You can also schedule data collection. The tool is suitable for Mac, Windows, and Linux and has a chrome extension. The data can be exported into Excel and JSON.

  1. Scraping Bee

ScrapingBee is another top social media tool. It serves as a proxy API and extraction tool. It lets you use CSS selectors for pointing specific data points for extraction. You won’t experience any blockage while scraping data from social media sites. 

It has two versions general scraping mode and growth hacking. In General scraping mode, you can extract reviews and do price monitoring. In Growth hacking mode, this tool can be used for extracting emails and lead generation etc. 

  1. ScraperAPI

ScraperAPI offers proxy APIs and can bypass captchas. It is not an automation tool. It has been designed to handle anti-bot and anti-scraping systems. Using this tool, you can get unrestricted access to the required data. It has 40 million plus IP addresses from more than 50 countries. 

It is an affordable tool and you have to pay only for successful requests. 

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