Best Walmart Price Scraper Tools 2022 

You need the best Walmart price scraper tools or services to get premium Walmart data.

Walmart has proven to be one of the biggest retailers in the world. It’s available for decades with a major digital presence in the United States. Just like Amazon, Walmart allows users to sell items using its marketplace. Currently, there are 35 million plus products on sale at Walmart. Considering the products available and the number of sales. Walmart is a great source of data for those interested in scraping product data.

Nowadays people prefer shopping online rather than going to the marketplace. The E-commerce business further got its boom during Covid-19. E-commerce is the best business model for someone who wants to start a business. But before investing in an online business. There are some questions that you need to find answers to. 

  • Which e-commerce business is good for newcomers? 
  • Techniques to attract more customers?
  • How to make your business better than your competitors?

 You can find answers to these questions by web scraping.  

Walmart Web Scraping

Walmart does not let you scrape data easily. It has put many anti-spam systems in place. These anti-spammers detect and block web scrapers from accessing Walmart. One technique Walmart uses is IP tracking and blocking. Walmart also tracks cookies. It uses AI-based systems like Captchas to detect and block web scrapers. 

Yet there are many methods to scrape Walmart without being detected. You should code or opt for such web scraping tools that can solve Captcha. You can also use rotating proxies to avoid detection. For collecting product data from Walmart, you should use automated web scrapers. 

Web Scraper is an automated technique to gather data from websites. The bot sends web requests. They get the content of the page and extract the required data. The data is then stored in an Excel file or requested format. It will help you in identifying consumer choices. 

From Walmart, you can scrape data like product price, and image description. You can also scrape seller information, brand data, reviews etc.

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Walmart Price Scraper

Benefits Of Scraping Walmart Data

1. Advertising and Marketing

Web scraping is very beneficial in advertising and marketing. You can gain insight into products’ SEO material for keyword density. You can also get information regarding specific products, and customer reviews about those products. It will give you ideas for marketing your products. 

2. Sales

The data will let you understand pricing strategy. It will let you decide on which products you should offer discounts on and which products are required in the market. It will be helpful in increasing the sale of the products. Your business will get a competitive edge by selling products at fair rates. You will be able to generate more profit. 

3. Campaign Direction

You can create, launch and analyze your advertising campaigns by scraping Walmart products.

Web Scraping Walmart Using Python 

Walmart data can be scraped using Python language and its libraries. If you know to code, you can easily code a Walmart scraper. If you look at Walmart, you will see that Walmart stores are based on JavaScript. If you turn off Javascript, it will notify you to turn it on. As it requires Javascript to function properly. This means you should choose only those web scraping libraries that execute Javascript. Like Selenium or BeautifulSoup. These tools automate web browsers like Chrome or Firefox. You can use it to access Walmart. Then use its API to access the page content. 

Best Walmart Scrapers in the Market

If you do not know how to code. You can still do web scraping. Here we will tell you about the best web scrapers available. You can use them to scrape Walmart product data without writing a line of code. 

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  1. Octoparse

It is one of the best web scrapers available in the market. It also supports Amazon and Walmart scraping. You can use it to scrape every kind of data. You can scrape Walmart product price, reviews and rating data.

It has a user-friendly interface and is very easy for you. It will convert the required Walmart product listings into structured data quickly. You just need to point and click the listings you want to scrape. It is a cloud-based platform and bypasses all the blockages. You can also schedule scraping using Octoparse. You can download and install it easily on your laptop

  1. ScrapeStorm

It is another general web scraper. You can use it to scrape data from Walmart also. 

ScrapeStorm was developed by an ex-Google crawling team. This tool uses AI to identify data for scraping. You can use their point-and-click interface to do the required work. ScrapeStorm extracts data and provides data in various formats. Like Excel, CSV, HTML, Google sheets, HTML. It also has support for databases like My SQL. It has a cloud platform and you can schedule scraping using ScrapeStorm.

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  1. ParseHub

Parsehub is another great tool for scraping Walmart. It lets you scrape data from every website including e-commerce platforms. It has free and paid plans. The free plan however has some limitations.

Using Parsehub you can scrape data from Ajaxified pages also like Walmart. It extracts data either in Excel or JSON. It has an easy-to-use interface and does not require any coding knowledge.

  1. Bright Data

It is another open-source tool available for extracting Walmart data. It has a data unblock feature. This feature lets you scrape maximum data from Walmart. It does not require any coding skills.

Proxy API is available in Bright Data. It has pre-defined data sets for products and reviews. It can be used as a web browser extension. It is a paid tool. The price of Bright data is based on a pay-as-you-go model.


Walmart like Amazon is one of the famous online shopping web portals. It offers a variety of products at the cheapest rates. For an e-commerce business, it’s important your product price is right for the market. You should compare your product price with competitors and monitor reviews. 

Walmart web scrapers will let you monitor your competitor’s prices and reviews. This will help you in making profitable decisions for your business.

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