Web Scraping Golang vs Python: Which Is Better?

In this article, we will discuss Web scraping Golang vs Python Comparison by considering some features of both languages.

Web scraping is the most effective way to obtain data and information for businesses. The organizations that are giving priority to the data have gone far ahead of the competitors. Web scraping provides you with the required information to make the best decisions for your company.

In this article, we will discuss Web scraping Golang vs. Python Comparison by considering some features of both languages.

Introduction to Golang

Google created Golang, a procedural, compiled, and statically typed programming language. It was created in 2007 by Ken Thompson, Robert Griesemer, and Rob Pike. It wasn’t released as an open-source programming language until 2009.

Golang was primarily created for networking and infrastructure-related applications. It was made to replace high-performance server-side programming languages like C++ and Java.

Is Go Good for Web Scraping?

Let us explore which features of Golang make it the best choice for Web Scraping


If you are in search of a simple scraping technique then Golang is a good option as it is easily readable, maintainable, and reliable. Golang’s creators only include the language’s essential features. They didn’t overcomplicate it by including extra features.

When you begin using Golang, you will realize how simple it is. Additionally, if you are inspecting someone’s Golang code, no matter how large the code is. Each and every line will be very straightforward and easy for you to grasp.

Powerful Libraries:

Golang offers a robust collection of library packages that make it easy for you to write your code. Despite having a less variety of libraries than Python or Java, it still contains all the essential features.

Developing Web Applications using Golang:

Golang has drawn attention as a language for developing web applications. Since it has simple constructs and quicker execution time. You can start with anything because there are many lessons available online.

Support Testing:

Golang provides means for you to test the package you create. By using the “go test” command you can test the code that is contained in the “*_test. go” files. Testing is an essential feature for every software in order to work accurately. So whenever you write some code, you should always include a test function along with the actual function.

Compilation Speed:

Golang compiles and executes programs much faster than many other popular programming languages. It can be easily parsed without the use of a symbol table.

Introduction to Python:

Python is a powerful, all-purpose, and in-demand programming language. Python offers packages and supports, providing modularity and code reuse features for developers. Python interpreter and the extensive standard library are freely distributable. They are available in source or binary form.

In comparison to other programming languages like Java, Python programs are smaller. Python is used by almost all renowned companies, including Google, Facebook, and Dropbox. The vast variety of standard libraries in Python is the best feature.

Is Python best for Web Scraping?

Let us explore which features of Python make it best for Web Scraping,

Free and Open Source:

You can get the Python language from the official website by selecting the Download Python keyword. Since it is open-source, the public has access to the source code as well. Therefore, you are able to download, use, and distribute it.

OOP (Object Oriented Programming) Features:

OOP programming feature is the key component of Python. Python also supports concepts like Class object encapsulation etc.

GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) Support:

It supports Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) which can be created by using Python modules like PyQt5, PyQt4, wxPython, or Tkinter. The most popular method for creating graphical apps with Python is PyQt5.

High-level Interpreted Language:

Python is a high-level programming language. It eliminates the need to manage memory or keep track of the system architecture while writing applications.

Python code is executed one line at a time, it is considered an interpretive language. Python code does not need to be compiled, thus making it simple to debug the software. The source code of Python is converted into a quick format known as bytecode.

Portable and Extensible:

Python is a portable language with an extensible feature and you can compile some Python code into C or C++. Besides, if you already have Python code written for Windows and wish to execute it on UNIX, Linux, or Mac, you don’t need to modify it.  You can simply deploy it on any of the platforms.

Web Scraping Golang vs Python: Which Is Better?

Which Is Better for Web Scraping Golang vs Python?

Golang is the best language to use if productivity is a concern. Because of the restricted syntax and light weight of the libraries. Work in Go will be done more efficiently by coding just a few lines. 

Python has a distinct advantage in terms of flexibility due to its abundance of libraries and variety of syntax. 

Yet, The reason Golang is better is that it is more productive, easier to debug, and most significantly, easier to read.

The majority of developers create a machine learning model by using Python with the help of TensorFlow. TensorFlow is a deep learning framework in Python. In Python, Pseudo-code is widely used for studying the fundamentals of computer science. Such as algorithms and data structures. Its learning is facilitated by a programming language like Python, which resembles the pseudo-code.

On the other hand, Golang is incredibly quick. It is simple to write and includes Go Docs. Which automatically generates the documentation, making the life of the programmer easier.


Based on the developer’s expertise and ability to understand the real-world demand. Both Python and Golang offer their own set of advantages. They have easy and clear syntax, which significantly reduces the developer’s workload. 

Golang is the best option if speed and scalability are your main concerns while creating a tool.

The choice of the right programming language can make the difference between them. Besides, Python can be your best choice also, if you want to create tools and scripts that work effectively. Additionally, the numerous free libraries can be utilized which may cut down the number of lines of code you need to write.

Go ahead, and start coding your web scraper today!

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