Amazon Asin Scraper Benefits & Tools 2022

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Amazon is one of the world’s largest E-commerce corporations. Its reach is unrivaled with a catalog of over 400 million products. Amazon beats Google as the first option for product searching. The data is its main asset and Amazon Asin scraper can unlock the doors to this data. 

Nowadays many companies aim to scrape Amazon to extract data. The insights are then used to create better products with good prices. 

Why Scrape Amazon? Benefits

Amazon data provides you with valuable insights about customers’ and competitors’ behaviors. With the right web scraping tools, gather and analyze amazon product data to understand your product.

Search Engine Optimization

Amazon is like a search engine for products. Users choose Amazon, to search for a product at a good price. Using Amazon data, you can improve your Amazon product’s SEO. You can also make your marketing campaigns better. 

Analysis Of Market Trends

Amazon insights will give you details about market trends and real-time costs. You can also do price comparisons and track the top-selling popular items. 

Competitor Monitoring

Amazon data guides you about the resources your competitors invest in. You will also get to know about the competitor’s seasonal offerings and discounts. Compare and contrast your and competitors’ offerings to be on the edge.

Decide Amazon Web Scraping Approach

One way to scrape Amazon is to crawl every keyword category for products. It is good for small-scale scraping. 

Another way is to create a database of products you want to track, by ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Then your Amazon scraper will scrape each of these pages as per schedule. This method is most commonly used by Amazon scrapers.  

What is an ASIN Number?

Amazon ASIN scraper

To keep Amazon products organized. Each product on Amazon has its own unique number (ASIN). ASIN is a unique block of 10 alphanumerics that are used to identify items on amazon. It’s assigned to a product upon creation. Almost every item listed on Amazon has an ASIN. For books, ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is used.

Create ASIN or Use Existing ASIN

For every product sold on Amazon, there is an ASIN code and a product page detail. This allows customers to navigate through the Amazon catalog easily. Duplicate products and their ASINs are merged. 

Before you sell an item, check if its ASIN already exists. If yes, you can start selling it by creating an offer under the ASIN. Doing this will let you share ASIN with every other person selling the same product. This is how generally resellers and retailers use ASIN for. 

You can create ASIN by creating a new product in Amazon Catalog. Amazon will assign an ASIN to the new product and allow you to sell it. 

Scraping ASINs

ASINs from amazon lets you extract best-selling product data and their daily sales. You also get product information and revenue for unique products. It also lets you identify similar products or competitors using keywords. Some ASIN SAAS (software as a service) also claim to provide you with the most searched products. 

There are two ways to find the ASIN of a certain product. 

  1. Product Description – ASIN is clearly mentioned on the product details page. ASIN is mentioned in the middle of the product information section.
  2. Product URL – ASIN is a 10-character alphanumeric in a product page URL.

These methods are great if it’s just about a few products. They are not scalable. You would need powerful tools or software if you want ASINs in bulk. 

Alnusoft can help you scrap Amazon data from ASIN to reviews and price etc. Click here to discuss your needs.


  1. Octoparse

Octoparse is a web scraping tool for non-coders. You can use a pre-built Amazon ASIN grabber (URLS Amazon) from the task template section. Using this scraper, you get ASIN along with product title, price, and ratings. You can also build your own ASIN scraper. Octoparse has the programming process translated to a Point-and-click interface. So that everyone can work on it.

  1. Amazon Scraper – Trial

Amazon scraper is accessible via the Google Chrome extension. You can scrape the price, cost, product information, image, and ASIN. Go to Amazon and click search. When you are on search results, right-click and choose the “Scrap ASIN From This Page” option. Data is extracted and saved in CSV format. The trial version can only download 2 pages. You need to buy the full version for unlimited pages. 

  1. Amazzy – Amazon Storefront Asin Scraper

Amazzy is an easy-to-use extension. It simplifies the ASIN scraping from the StoreFront page and search results page. You can export the data in ASIN and standard format only. A trial version is available for you to test. You will have to buy the paid version for unlimited pages.

  1. ASINFetcher – Amazon ASIN Scraper Tool

It’s a free tool that lets Amazon sellers extract ASINs easily. It collects data from Amazon product pages, amazon search pages, and storefronts. The data is exported to the system in excel or CSV. It is a 100% free tool for a lifetime. 

  1. Prompt Cloud

Prompt Cloud lets you extract Amazon ASIN data efficiently. Their aim is to provide you with quality data at speed. They have ready-to-use Amazon data extraction templates. You have to provide them with an ASIN list. Specify the crawling frequency and extracted data format. They then upload the data on DropBox, azure, etc in any of the popular formats. 

Scraping Amazon product data in bulk can be a daunting task. There are many paid and free Amazon ASIN scraping tools available in the market. Give it some time and choose the best software as per the requirements. Click and scrape your data right away with these tools.

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