How to Scrape Shopify Stores 2022?

Let’s learn how to scrape Shopify stores & get you the valuable business data that you need!

Shopify has made it easier for businesses to set up an online store. Shopify makes payment acceptance easier and hassle-free. Therefore, it’s one of the largest e-commerce platforms. There are about 500,000 business stores on Shopify with more than 40 billion sales. 

Shopify makes it easier to handle the online store. It provides services like product management, cart, payments, and shipping methods. Shopify also makes it easier to manage sales, marketing, branding and shipping. Popular examples of Shopify stores are Tesla, GymShark, The Economist, ColourPop, SkinnyDip London etc.

Why scrape product data from Shopify stores?

Being one of the largest e-commerce platforms. Shopify is a great opportunity to crawl important product data. You can scrape data like product prices, images, videos, descriptions, and reviews from Shopify stores. 

In the world of digitization, knowing your competitors is necessary. Depending on the product you plan to launch in the market. You might have tens or thousands of competitors. Scraping competitors’ data will provide you with rich insights. This data can be used for price monitoring, competitor analysis, and trending products in online circles. It will let you understand the reason for the success or failure of your competitors.

All this scraped data information will let you stay on the edge of the market.

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Scrape Shopify Using Python

If you have good programming skills, you can code a Shopify scraper. Here we will discuss Shopify scraper Python, Bot developer’s community favorite language. Python is a very simple and easy-to-read programming language.

Since Shopify websites are pretty identical. Coding a scraper for Shopify will be good for all. It would work for all Shopify stores. You won’t need to download any HTML of pages.

It is very easy to access product information of Shopify stores with the products.json file. All data is available in this file. Shopify does not have any strong bot-preventing mechanism. You will get it with a single request, without dealing with anti-bot systems. Using a Python scraper, you will send a request to the full URL list with products.json. And the request is then returned.

You can then extract the required data and display it on the screen. 

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how to scrape Shopify store

Best Shopify Scrapers

Extracting data from eCommerce sites might seem like a daunting task. The above detail was for programmers. If you don’t know to code and want to scrape Shopify. There are many scrapers available, free and paid versions. You can extract data easily with a few clicks without any coding.

Some of the best Shopify scrapers are listed below. But if you want a custom solution or a dedicated team to scrape Shopify stores, Alnusoft is currently offering Discounts. <<Click here to get a free quote today>>

Let’s go to the list.

  1. Octoparse

Want to scrape Shopify stores? Octoparse is a good option. It is a no-coding tool that crawls Shopify products. They extract data in the form of a spreadsheet for use. Octoparse is a very easy-to-operate free Shopify scraper.

By scraping Shopify, using Octoparse you get the product name, price, details and page URL. Since Shopify data is in a structured format, the tool scrapes data in bulk with clicks. Octoparse has both free and paid scraping packages. It offers discounts if you buy an annual subscription. 

  1. eScraper

eScraper does the heavy work for you. It is a data scraping service. It scrapes Shopify site product listings. It has a free plan. If you don’t want to handle the tool directly. eScraper has support for scraping dynamic sites and data adjustment. Their rates are based on the number of rows scraped. 

You need to fill out a form providing the required details. eScraper will share samples with you. Then you will receive the extracted data at your email address. You can schedule data scraping by using this service.

  1. ParseHub

ParseHub is famous for scraping complex websites efficiently. It is a general no coding, free installation, and web scraping tool. It lets you gather data in formats like HTML or CSV. Parse Hub has a user-friendly interface. You can download its desktop application and use it right away.

ParseHub knows that scraping might be a little difficult for beginners. They have great customer service to guide you with any problem you face. Its point-and-click technique makes data selection and gathering easy. It also has a cloud-based solution but that is paid. 

4. Shopify Scraper

Shopify Scraper is another affordable, fully-featured scraper tool. It lets you scrape product listings from Shopify stores. With one click, you can export data to Excel/CSV.

It’s a Google Chrome extension. It not only scrapes product data for you. But also displays best-selling products, traffic, recent activity and themes. It has both a free plan and a paid one. With a free plan, you can export 160 products. Whereas for more features and products, choose their paid plan which is also $10 per month.

5. Apify

Apify is another recognizable web scraper, with millions of users. It comes with a lot of features allowing you to scrape data from Shopify stores. You can have access to any type of web information using Apify. Apify automates everything that needs to be handled manually, bypassing blockages. 

Apify has great built-in features like auto-scaling. It scrapers thousands of pages without any lag. It lets you scrape data in any format you want, HTML or CSV etc. It can also send the extracted data to the database. 

Apify also designs custom solutions just for your business. Its interface is user-friendly. Apify has a free plan available. You only need to sign up by providing some of your credentials. It’s an excellent tool for learning website scraping. It also has three paid plans for you. A personal plan, team and enterprise plan ranging from $49 to $499. You can also customize a plan according to your needs. It also offers discounts on annual subscriptions.  


One cannot deny the importance of market research before starting a business. Especially, having competitor and market information is important in the digital world. Every website developed on the Shopify e-commerce platform has a JSON format. All details of the products are stored in it. Hence, it is very easy to scrape Shopify stores. Even if you are not a coder, you can use these web scrapers to get your data with a click. 

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